Game Design
Game Consulting Services
Focal Point Games specialize in Action Adventure and Story game consulting. Whatever stage your project is at, our quick analysis will reveal potential development risks and opportunities that you can capitalize on that will translate to higher scores at launch.
Bringing WGA nominated game story writing expertise, coupled with a thorough understanding of interactive narrative design to your project, will mean less rewrites and less redesigns, saving you money.
Most in-house designers know what the story needs might be but don't have the writing experience to deliver a AAA quality script, while most dedicated writers don't have the design experience to write with the actions of the player in mind. Let us bridge that gap.
Expert game design feedback can be applied much earlier in development than focus testing to help your team determine risks and opportunities while they still have enough time and budget to react. This translates to less time after Alpha reworking critical features and more time polishing.
Most projects cannot get critical gameplay feedback until 80% of their development is over and focus testing can begin, leaving little or no time to course correct. Unless there are no surprises, this means either slipping the project or releasing the without fulfilling its potential. Let us alert you to those surprises ahead of time.
We offer a comprehensive hook and messaging analysis of your project and deliver refined design pillars and marketing messages that can be clearly communicated throughout the development team and to outside partners such as publishing, significantly increasing efficiency and confidence.
Over the course of two+ year development cycles it is inevitable that some of the clarity defined in the early project planning becomes lost through cuts and feature creep. Focal Point Games will help your leads develop strategies to keep your game on track towards a coherent and successful gold master.
"Toby is one of those rare creative geniuses that you wish you could have on every project. He has an amazing sense for great game mechanics, experience progression, storytelling and character design / motion / control.
His contributions and the value he brought to our studio were immeasurable."

- Sean Vesce, (ex CEO Crystal Dynamics)

“I’ve had the pleasure of working both alongside and directly with Toby, and would jump at the chance to do so again. He is the most passionate advocate for the power of storytelling and narrative design in video games I have ever met. That he combines this with practical and detailed ideas on how to actually turn a great story idea into an equally great interactive experience, complete with all the gameplay mechanics and functional systems required, makes him a truly invaluable asset for any project.”

- William Beacham (Designer, Square Enix London Studios)